TCWM Concept

Save costs using the business concept of Total Care Wagon Management!

Total Care Wagon Management is an organization specialized in Fleet management (e.g. organizing repairs/ maintenance/ takeover of freight wagons). In this context we organize nearly all services in relation to repairs and maintenance and follow up the actual work that needs to be done. In the case of damages we control the entire process from damage notification until releasing the wagon. In this process we also communicate with the involved parties and secure the corresponding documents.

From years of experience we strongly believe that by using the TCWM concept your company can reduce the costs by ± 10% to 15%!

The process and a number of facts in a row:

  • The client (Railway undertaking, Operator, Wagon owner) reports a damage wagon to TCWM. TCWM takes on the repair and arranges and schedules the required work. Activities up to € 850 will be outsourced to ECM IV/ VPI certified companies that are present in the region. In the case of major damages we always first contact the customer for approval. From experience most repairs reported beginning of the day are repaired the same day meaning no downtime and complicated shunting actions.
  • For most of the repairs done we take pictures before and after the repair and make the necessary protocols if needed. All these activities and documents are logged and stored in our Wagon management system.
  • TCWM also has the possibility to organize transport and shunting of damaged/revision wagons to and from repair tracks and workshops. We have fixed prices with most of the Railway undertakings for these transport and shunting activities.
  • TCWM can also organize arrival checks in combination with preventative maintenance. We are convinced that on the long run the downtime of your wagon fleet decreases considerably and therefore the costs related to fall out is a lot lower.
  • Usually the damaged wagon is handled within the same day and processed within our system. All parties are updated on the status and required documents (e.g. release document) are sent the next day.
  • Finally we can also organize the invoicing to the appropriate company who is responsible for the costs. This includes invoicing for example to wagon owners with which we have fixed pricelists for repair and maintenance activities.

In case of larger damages for which specific parts must be ordered (e.g. wheel axles, triple valves etc.) we organize this with the wagon owner, through the documentation Muster H / HR. This process is in place with all major wagon owners.

Our strength:

  • We are in the possession of five fully equipped service buses in the Rotterdam area including a PDR5 mobile brake device. We also have 3 service busses in Venlo and one in Roosendaal.
  • We have most common parts needed for repair in stock in our warehouse in Rotterdam. Through our partner Wagon Care we have direct access to a lot more material.
  • We can carry out wheel axle changes with our mobile service. On average once a week we collect wagons on a dedicated track and perform wheel axle changes.
  • TCWM possesses own tracks in the Rotterdam area. These can be used for some repairs, takeover and long and short term parking etc.
  • We are fast and effective. You receive direct response and usually the same day the cars are ready to go. No long waiting times.
  • We have a management system in place that monitors information about wagons that we handle.
  • We use fixed, pre-agreed, prices so there are no surprises!
  • We are reachable every working day from 07:00 to 20:00. In the weekend we are available by phone from 8: 00h - 18: 00h.
  • We have partnerships with VPI and ECM4 certified companies and provide the involved parties (e.g. ECM I, II and III and Wagon owners) with required documentation.

  • We are in daily contact with and are recognized by the following wagon owners:
    - Touax
    - VTG
    - Wascosa
    - Lineas
    - Ermewa
    - Gefco
    - Railpro
  • We currently have business relation with most of the rail operators and Railway undertakings within the Benelux.
  • We also work closely with partners outside the Benelux. Doing so we have the possibility to manage entire fleets across Europe.
  • Workshop Spoorijzer in Roosendaal:

    In addition to the mobile activities that we can organize, we have the Spoorijzer workshop at our disposal in Roosendaal (Border Belgium/Netherlands). Here we can take on the larger repair and maintenance activities that cannot be carried out on the track (such as revisions, welding, grinding work, etc.). In most cases we, as TCWM, organize the transport to Roosendaal against low costs. We can realize this because we gather wagons to and from Roosendaal for several customers. Here too, fully qualified technicians are employed who have 10+ years of experience.


    Finally, we also operate from Venlo. In Venlo we have a warehouse and 3 fully equipped service bus for mobile service. We are able to react fast in the direct neighborhood and service your wagon for example with wagons just over the border in the Ruhr area in Germany.

    +31 (0) 10-428 28 19