It happens, on an unexpected and very unwelcome moment your wagon stops due to technical defects and is unable to continue. No mechanic or maintenance company is available and your train really needs to leave.

Wait a day? Remove the defect wagon? Shunting? Or.... Make contact with our 24/7 service. The only 24/7 service that is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Working method

Our 24/7 service works in cooperation with Spoorijzer.
Through one central number you can report on the situation. There will always be personal attention. No use of voice response, choice menu´s, recordings or web-based programs. We believe that personal attention is important in solving your problem as fast as possible.

After reporting the situation, the 24/7 service team will be informed by our planning department. For safety considerations our teams consist of 2 mechanics. Most of the time our teams arrive at location within an hour and problems can be solved as fast as possible.


Our service busses are completely equipped and 90% of the problems can be solved on the spot. We have equipped our service busses with the most common parts and in case special parts are required our team will be able to use the central stock in Rotterdam.
Emergency orders of parts can also be dealt with by our 24/7 service.


After solving the problem you will directly be informed through email or by phone. We believe that keeping downtime of wagons to a minimum is essential for your business.
Eenmaal op locatie is het probleem vaak binnen een uur opgelost en kan uw trein alsnog vertrekken; verspilling van kostbare tijd en stilstand wordt zo voorkomen.


The rates for the 24/7 service are predetermined to prevent discussion afterwards.

You can reach us by calling the number below of via the email address that is listed beneath the phone number. We are always available to turn your problem in to our problem.

+31 (0) 10-428 28 19